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The history of music

Different music styles

Music has always been the perfect way for teens and adults alike to relax and just enjoy. Music is a way to sort of get away from the world and let the beauty of sound overtake you. Throughout the generations, so many different music styles have come up. So many types of styles have come about, along with many different singers, yet only a few have been able to stick around for so long.

The style of music in the 90's

It was during this era when music was slow and into the sounds of the likes of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. It was throughout these years when Miss Whitney Houston was at her highest. She would literally sing the songs of the Bodyguard almost every single day because it was so famous and well-known during this time. Michael Jackson was also at his highest during this era, and with songs like Man In The Mirror and You Are Not Alone, it's no wonder people of all ages were obsessed with Michael, even until now.

The growth of pop

Pop was always there ever since music began, but it wasn't until Whitney's big songs came out when writers everywhere started to write and create even more songs very much similar to them. Aside from pop, styles like jazz, rock, and hip-hop, were also popular throughout the 90's, but slowly faded away as the music of today started to roll in.

Music with no sense

Whitney Houston

Most of the songs in the early 70's all the way up to the late 90's were all such beautiful songs. What's cool is that they all varied throughout different genres. They usually had heartfelt meanings and beautiful flowing sounds. However, the music of today has completely changed all of this. From the songs that talk about women's body parts to the songs that have completely no meaning, the world of music today has really changed when compared to before. This is why many people are calling the music of this generation "music with no sense". It's sad to see that almost every song being heard on the radio today is all about the hurting of others and basically things that don't matter. Unlike the years when Whitney Houston's meaningful songs would touch millions, the songs of today are a far cry away from those songs. Nonetheless, what's beautiful about those old styles of music is that they will never disappear. In fact, many singers still enjoy listening to those songs from the golden years. While the songs of today may be getting some instant fame, they will surely fade away with time.

There is so many different music styles in general, but there are only a few that will really be in demand even in the future. Rock has also grown throughout the years, but it isn't as popular as the pop songs that are currently on the radio. Music used to be so beautiful, and when sung correctly, can create stunning chills down everyone's spines. This doesn't happen anymore, as most songs are always filled with trash and complete nonsense. We'll just have to wait and see what next style becomes in demand.